Love Your Pet Expo 2018 Experience

                                                                                                                       A snap of our booth and favorite products!

                                                                                                                       A snap of our booth and favorite products!

Hey everyone! If you didn’t hear about it, in the last month we attended our first expo. The Love Your Pet Expo, which exists to help and support animals with special needs. On March 24th & 25th and we spent both days down at Anderson fairgrounds, fawning over adorable dogs and promoting diet wellness. The team was so pumped to participate and we soon found out just a simple booth requires a lot of energy.

We are so glad to have participated despite the work, and it was a great lesson in to big events like the Love Your Pet. We got to support a great cause. It’s no simple task taking care of so many special needs animals, but Katie Ball the founder, and her team pull it off! The event proved to be exceptionally busy, and the Fursaro Hall was a great venue. After the first day we were scrambling to get more cookies for all our visitors.


All our neighbors and the ‘selfie’ chicken were great to hang out with, yes you read that right! There was the coolest looking chicken you could take pictures with. The atmosphere was just a lot of fun over all. It generated a great deal of local support for all our different organizations here in the North State and we got to watch a great display from a local K9 unit member. If you attend the Expo you will find great grooming options, nail services, animal therapy options, and just some great accessories and more your pet.

One booth there was the Lucy Pet Products Company, they were manned by our own amazing rep and we got to work right beside them! LPP offers a few lines of food, to cat litter, and even some rockin' shampoo formulas and spritzers. Our favorite among our staff is the coconut and tropical scented blend. We just launched their food in store in fact. You're looking at a brand that supports spaying and neutering, a food that specializes and has prebiotics in their formula, and uses quinoa. A nutrition packed carbohydrate!! We have thee flavors available in dog and a fish based cat formula.

With that we also shared the weekend with the Home and Garden Show, because of that we got to see plenty of new faces and animal lovers. We also saw a lot of familiar faces in our customers, so thank you to those who could come out and say hi! Congratulations to our raffle prize winner as well, they received bath time essentials, a load of goodies and accessories. All it’s proceeds went to the Love Your Pet fund. If you did stop in with your furry friend, check out the photos and see if we snapped a picture!


Now if you haven’t heard about the Love Your Pet Expo let alone it’s sanctuary, it is an incredible organization with only a handful of human volunteers, and a few furry fellows managing the whole shabang. They became a non-profit in 2011 and they are located here in the North State. They have numerous amount of permanent sanctuary animals on top of assisting with some adoptions and rescue missions.

Love Your Pet Expo Sanctuary also helps advertises and supports other local rescues. There mission never ends! If you take a look at their website you can actually meet some of their animals, each one has a unique personality and story. They haven’t just helped dogs and cats, but have aided bunnies, horses, and more.

I met Katie, for the first time a month before the event. I found she had a mission larger than life and the additude to get the work done. She is filled with an energy and a undeniable compassion for rescuing unique animals with medical issues. Her love just absolutely showed. It’s not the for the faint of heart either! We’ve seen both Katie and Stan, her awesome husband and full time volunteer, in the last week down at the store with a new addition. Buster, a brown boxer pitbull puppy, he’s is mostly blind and spunky as can be. It was a treat to meet him!

If you want to check out their website, you can find more information and opportunities to support them and all the lovely rescues at We can’t wait to for the next event, it’s going to be great!